ALM Forum Seattle Workshops & Classes

Pre-Conference Weekend Classes is running a weekend (Saturday & Sunday) class prior to the week of ALM Forum 2015. For your convenience, This classes is also located at the Bell Harbor Conference Center. Please follow the link below for additional details and to register with a 15% ALM Forum discount.

Professional Scrum Master - 2-day Class by Martin Hinshelwood and David Starr


Pre-conference workshop (additional registration required) provides a full day (8:30am to 5:00pm) of workshop instruction and catering on Monday, May 18th.

Fundamentals of Lean Software Delivery - Workshop by Steven Borg & Cheryl Hammond

This course is targeted primarily at mid- to senior-level managers who are interested in optimizing cycle times, creating a culture of accountability and innovation, and consistently delivering value to their stakeholders. workshop details...

Big Scrum: Scaling Scrum to the Enterprise - Workshop by David Starr and Martin Hinshelwood

Many people have had successful experiences with Scrum used in a single team, or perhaps even a few (2-4) teams. After that, things start to get a bit more complex. workshop details...

Enhance your Application Lifecycle using Visual Studio Online and TFS - Workshop by Anthony Borton

This pre-conference hands-on workshop (additional registration required) provides a full day of hands-on training on the latest releases of Visual Studio ALM. Whether you use Visual Studio Online or Team Foundation Server, this is the pre-con workshop for you. workshop details...


Post-conference workshop (additional registration required) provides a full day (8:30am to 5:00pm) of workshop instruction and catering on Friday, May 22nd.

Accelerated Agile: From Months to Minutes - Workshop by Dan North

Great software professionals build better software faster. Agile methods, continuous delivery and software craftsmanship helped speed up delivery from years to months or even weeks, but then what? workshop details...

Architecting for Continuous Delivery with Microservices - Workshop by Matt Stine

Microservices are currently at the center of the hype cycle in software architecture. In this workshop we'll cut through the hype and look at how we can achieve continuous delivery with microservices. workshop details...

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