ALM Forum 2015 Conference Tracks

Keith Pleas
Keith Pleas
Conference Chair
Sharing our expertise about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) lets us address the big picture of software development. Not which language or framework is best to use, but how we get the end-to-end disciplines involved with software delivery to work more efficiently.

Building on the success of the ALM Forum in April, 2014 and three previous ALM Summits, this year's expanded program features a new track - "Process of Software Development" to increase the focus on the processes, tools, and techniques of developing software and updates to the "Business of Software Delivery" and "Principles and Practices of DevOps" tracks.

We will again be featuring afternoon "lightning" sessions - shorter duration, tightly focused presentations that will provide a wider variety of technical, social, and managerial topics.

Last year's successful Birds of a Feather sessions will be evoloving along the lines of the current trend towards "meetups", and will provide a way to stay continuously connected to the issues you care most deeply about.

Finally, we are actively soliciting presentations from potential speakers, whom we plan to feature in track and lightning sessions as well as BOFS. Please see Speaking Opportunities for submission guidelines.

ALM Forum 2015 Tracks

Business of Software Delivery

Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murphy
Track Chair
The business of delivering software is increasingly adapting agile techniques driven by a need to deliver compelling user experiences in a world of digital business. This is driving leading IT shops to reconfigure around product teams rather than project teams and is driving tools to support increased collaboration and automation. However, the ability to adopt new practices and tools is a challenge of incorrect expectations and cultural change. This year we will explore how successful teams are connecting business to development and operations to transform from a “what will it cost”, to a “what will it enable” mentality.

We will explore how good AD life-cycle management practices and tools can aid in overcoming challenges such as: global Agile development, driving successful product delivery in regulated environments, and balancing the expectations of management with the reality of application delivery. How can you transition your organization not just to be agile or lean but to be effective, continuously delivering applications that delight customers and adapt to multiple modes of interaction.

Some of the focus areas of this track include:
  • Requirements Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Guiding Innovation
  • Driving Automation
  • Managing Adoption
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Global Integration
  • Information Analytics
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Process of Software Development

Jim Newkirk
Jim Newkirk
Track Chair
The goal of the Process of Software Development Track is to shed light on real-world challenges, share success and horror stories, and describe key practices for developing and maintaining software. This track will stress the practical applications and implications of evolving software practices for team members. If you are a developer, tester, business analyst, coach, manager, or anyone else with a stake in delivering high-quality software, you will find practical information that you will be able to take back to your workplace and use immediately.

Topics we intend to cover in this track include:
  • How do you stay true to your values and principles, and
  • When is it appropriate to modify them to survive in the larger context?
  • What team structures work best at scale
  • Successful coaching and mentoring strategies
  • Creating a productive team environment
  • Tools and practices that enable teams to work more effectively
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Principles & Practices of DevOps

Andrew Clay Shafer
Andrew Clay Shafer
Track Chair
What changed when application lifecycle transitioned from a software artifact shipped in shrink-wrap to a highly scaled, highly available service oriented world? DevOps is the label for the professional and cultural movement as well as the principles and practices of the high performing teams who are literally setting new standards in what is practical and possible. This track will shed light on the tools, processes and cultures that are evolving on the edge of the DevOps movement, and how that is impacting what is happening in both startups and the enterprise. Developers, system administrators, testers, product owners, and technical managers will gain an understanding of what is possible with the best moderns tools and processes with perspectives, principles and practices to optimize your organizational workflows.

The DevOps track will explore topics like:
  • collaboration between developers, operations and other contributors to the value stream
  • automation of provisioning, configuration and application deployment
  • monitoring and metrics driven feedback loops
  • balancing risk strategies (minimizing incidents vs minimizing the mean time to recover)
  • fully automated development, test and production pipelines
  • deploying and operating micro services
  • cross functional information radiators and cultures of sharing
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