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Accelerating the Delivery of Quality Software that Meets Business Requirements

If you are a software development manager, lead, or practitioner who is passionate about mastering your craft, you should register now to attend ALM Forum this coming May 18-22, 2015 at the Bell Harbor International Convention Center on the waterfront in Seattle, Washington.

When you attend the ALM Forum you will gain deeper insight into your application lifecycle. You will also discover and learn about industry best practices that address additional development challenges, and our sponsorswill show you how their products and services enable and support those best practices . You will have the opportunity to interact directly with the speakers, thought leaders, and practitioners - both at the event and at evening receptions. Attending the ALM Forum will provide you with new tools for making better design, implementation, and technology selection decisions.

This year's ALM Forum features keynotes and plenary sessions by industry luminaries, as well as three focused breakout tracks: Business of Software Delivery, Process of Software Development, and Principles and Practices of DevOps.

Who Presents?

Executives, architects, and managers from the software industry will deliver sessions that dive deep into the best practices of ALM and DevOps. You will understand the business implications of the culture of DevOps, and what the best practices are for achieving success in your own organization.

Industry luminaries address cutting edge topics of interest to the software development and DevOps community - often with humor and always with panache.

Who Attends

Most of the attendees are ALM managers and practitioners working to extend their knowledge of their craft and to make connections with their peers in other organizations. Many work for major corporations while others are consultants or -in select cases - vendors focused on custom application development and DevOps. All share a common interest in pushing the boundaries of software engineering, learning about existing and emerging best practices, and interacting with engineers from within the industry, as well as each other.

Quotes from Past Attendees:

  • "This was a wonderful experience."
  • "Overall, conference was great, gave us good roadmap to follow."
  • "Thank you for all the great ideas. I am looking forward to going home and applying them."
  • "Many of the things I learned here will revolutionize our practices, processes, designs, and patterns. THANKS!"
  • "Speakers were great"
  • "Humor was refreshing"
  • "Excellent conference!!!"
  • "Great event! Do it again!"
  • "Excellent conference, just first day alone was worth the money. Thank you."
  • "This was an excellent value and I would recommend it to everyone!!"
  • "Excellent event! My only regret is that more of my team members weren't able to attend."
  • "All speakers were very knowledgeable and they addressed many issues that I face every day."
  • "This was an excellent conference for me. I'm taking away some useful tools."

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