Big Scrum: Scaling Scrum to the Enterprise - Workshop by David Starr and Maritn Hinshelwood

This pre-conference workshop (additional registration required) provides a full day covering Enterprise Scrum practices by industry experts David Starr of Elegant Code Solutions and Martin Hinshelwood of naked ALM.

Who should attend Many people have had successful experiences with Scrum used in a single team, or perhaps even a few (2-4) teams. After that, things start to get a bit more complex. This workshop is for anyone who wants to get the benefits Scrum offers, across multiple teams.

If you want to take agility with Scrum to the next level including the whole business not just the Dev teams, this workshop is for you.


Workshop Abstract

Simplicity of process, technical excellence, faster time to market, and higher value really can happen at scale. As many larger organizations have learned, Scrum is not just for use in small teams. With discipline and good leadership, genuine agility can thrive in organizations of any size. This workshop introduces key ideas and techniques to help get started and sustain agility at scale using Scrum.

Attendees to this workshop will come away understanding:
  • Proven patterns for scaled Scrum and agile adoption
  • Managing an agile organization after a transformation
  • Assessment as a technique of gauging progress
  • Minimize risk through frequent planning and delivery across many teams
  • Introducing change to large organizations
  • How to win hearts and minds, aka: Engaging with the business
  • The current landscape of hyperbole regarding agile at scale
Extending the benefits of Scrum from the team room to the board room reinvigorates organizations, allowing business units to deliberately respond to market opportunities quickly, while realizing a shared strategy. Come learn how to get your enterprise on the road to genuine agility with Scrum.

About the Presenters

David Starr is a professional software craftsman committed to improving agility, collaboration, and technical excellence in software development. He is the founder of Elegant Code Solutions, has served in numerous leadership contexts, and was as an early and consistent advocate for agile software development.

He has successfully led product development initiatives and organizational transitions in numerous positions including Chief Software Craftsman at, Sr. Program Manager for Visual Studio at Microsoft, Chief Software Architect, Director of Product Development, Pluralsight Author, independent consultant, and master trainer.

David speaks at various international conferences, is a frequent guest on various podcasts, author of articles throughout the technology industry, Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio ALM.

Martin Hinshelwoodis a consultant for naked ALM Consulting, a technical and management consultancy based in Scotland, and working across Europe, that focuses on helping organisations modernise their development processes and enable a greater degree of business agility. Martin believes that every company deserves high quality software delivered on a regular cadence that meets its customer’s needs.

To enable this, not only is he a Professional Scrum Trainer and EBM Consultant with, he works closely with Microsoft with Visual Studio ALM and has been a Visual Studio ALM MVP since 2008 and a Visual Studio ALM Ranger since 2010.

Martin writes often on his blog and contributes to stackoverflow.

For more information

If you have additional questions about the Big Scrum workshop, please contact David Starr

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