ALM Forum 2015 Speaking Opportunities

The Conference Committee welcomes potential speakers to submit presentation proposals for both track sessions (1 hour) and possible afternoon lightning sessions (5 minutes each to entire conference). We are looking for presentations from practitioners and those in the industry who have "expertise worth sharing". While we reserve the right to have a clearly indicated "sponsored session", we will not allow track speakers to present sessions that are pitches for their products or services.

Rather than submitting many session proposals, we encourage potential speakers to focus on the one - or at most two - topics that you would be most effective at presenting. Also, please keep in mind that ALM Forum attendees are already quite knowledgeable, so (for instance) "What is Scrum?" would likely not be accepted.

In addition to the program notes by the Track chairs, here are a few question that might help guide you towards a presentation topic:
    Have you stayed true to your values and principles? Have you had to modify them to survive in the larger context?
    What team structures have worked best for you at scale?
    How are features and stories managed across teams when their implementation spans groups or business units?
    Do you distinguish Software Craftsmanship from Software Engineering?
    How do you apply specific practices to the software your organization delivers?
    How do you create high quality software that remains flexible enough to adapt to changing business requirements?
    How do you balance self-organization and team ownership with corporate policies?

Please include the following in your session proposal:
    1) A suggested session Title
    2) A succinct - but comprehensive! - Abstract
    3) Your brief Bio, including related presentations you have given
    4) Your intended Track and alternate Track (if applicable)
    5) Whether you are proposing a track session, a lightning session, or a session that would work for either format

Please email your presentation proposals to by December 1st, 2014. We anticipate being able to finalize all track sessions by February 1st with lightning sessions to follow, and will contact all potential speakers who submitted proposals.

Though we anticipate that speakers will update their presentations based on new information literally up until delivery, we will be asking for a near-final version of all presentations in April to make sure that potential conflicts are discovered early. Please email if you have additional questions about speaking opportunities at the ALM Forum.

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