ALM Forum Seattle Conference Program

Keith Pleas
Keith Pleas
Conference Chair
Sharing our expertise about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) lets us address the big picture of software development. Not which language or framework is best to use, but how we get the end-to-end disciplines involved with software delivery to work more efficiently.

Building on the success of the three previous ALM Summits, this year's expanded program features two new tracks - "Business of Software Delivery" to increase the focus on business value of our software and and "Lifecycle Architecture and Integration" to address emerging roles in application lifecycle management.

We will again be featuring afternoon "lightning" sessions - shorter duration, tightly focused presentations that will provide a wider variety of technical, social, and managerial topics.

Last year's successful Birds of a Feather sessions will be evoloving along the lines of the current trend towards "meetups", and will provide a way to stay continuously connected to the issues you care most deeply about.

Finally, we are actively soliciting presentations from potential speakers, whom we plan to feature in track and lightning sessions as well as BOFS. Please see Speaking Opportunities for submission guidelines.

ALM Forum 2014 Tracks

Business of Software Delivery

Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murphy
Track Chair
The business of delivering software is increasingly adapting agile techniques driven by a need to deliver compelling user experiences in an always on and connected world. This is driving leading IT shops to reconfigure around product teams rather than project teams and is driving tools to support increased collaboration and automation. However, the ability to adopt new practices and tools is a challenge of incorrect expectations and cultural change. This year we will explore how successful teams are connecting business to development and operations to transform from a what will it cost, to a what will it return mentality.

We will explore how good AD life-cycle management practices and tools can aid in overcoming challenges such as: global Agile development, driving successful product delivery in regulated environments, and balancing the expectations of management with the reality of application delivery. How can you transition your organization not just to be agile or lean but to be effective, delivering applications that delight customers and adapt to multiple modes of interaction? Learn from thought leaders and interact with your peers in a fun and interactive environment. Track Details...

Lifecycle Architecture & Integration

Mik Kersten
Mik Kersten
Track Chair
Over the past decade fragmentation has grown in the ALM ecosystem, with best of breed tools forming to support the various needs of developers, business analysts, DevOps and testers. Large scale Agile transformations and ALM modernizations now involve multiple tools as well as a in-house solutions and customizations. Just as architecture became a key discipline in app dev once the breadth of systems and frameworks required it, we are seeing ALM heterogeneity of tools and processes necessitate a new role of the Lifecycle Architect, and a new practice of Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI). It is now time to recognize the diversity of tools and practitioners in the software development and deployment lifecycle, and seeks to improve the connection and collaboration among them. Track Details...

Practices of DevOps

Chris Brown
Chris Brown
Track Chair
DevOps is a cultural and professional movement that grew directly from the collective experience of practitioners. It is a reaction to the rise of online consumption and of customers’ expectations of increasing pace of development and delivery. IT, once a tool of back office efficiency, has become the front office. Devops integrates development and operations for safe, measurable and continuous delivery of business value.

We will have practitioners sharing how they are adopting practices like continuous deployment, production instrumentation, and telemetry to deliver higher-quality, more valuable software into users’ hands more quickly – whether those users are in the cloud or serviced with a hybrid cloud / enterprise infrastructure. Track Details...

Changing Role of Test

Tom Lounibos
Tom Lounibos
Track Chair
Software Testing is dramatically changing and evolving. The role for quality and testing is expanding into Dev/Test/Ops, where testing is being integrated into all aspects of the software development lifecycle. Speed and quality are now coming together as developers, QA managers, IT operations and line of business are now focused on delivering quality user experiences to consumers.

This track will look at the changing role of testing in today's SDLC and how continuous testing concepts are changing the way software is developed and deployed. We will have industry experts discuss what to expect with next generation SDLC platforms and solutions, and how to implement continuous testing into your organization. Track Details...
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